Working with parents to co-create beliefs that fuel happiness.

When your child has anxiety that anxiety affects their life, and yours. It is hard seeing your little one dealing with such emotions that limit their ability to live. That limit their ability to be a carefree child, to be happy. You do your best and it can seem that nothing makes it better. It’s lonely and self doubt sets in, you begin to doubt your parenting ability. Iv’e been there and i’m here to help. I specialise in childhood anxiety. 

Whether your here to support your anxious child or because you recognise the importance of your childs emotional wellness, your in the right place. I provide Emotional Empowerment to children and parents. Everyone has overwhelming emotions. This is the place that I can help you learn to work with your own overwhelming emotions and help your children learn how to do the same and once you do it will change your life forever!

I understand, I have four kids, we’re together 24/7. I have faced every challenge under the sun and I have so much heart and compassion for parents who are eager to have a more calm and happy home.  I’d love you to download this free guide because I know it can start to help you from today. Download it here for free.

I’m so happy you’re here. I am Lisa and as a mum of four I’ve been on my own journey. I have studied the Option Method and emotions for years, and I am certified at Mindscaping. Seeing the changes we’ve implemented in our family lives and seeing how clients I’ve worked with  have seen changes to their quality of life as a family. There is nothing I’m more passionate about than bringing about the change for you. I would love for you to feel happy as a parent and parent from that happiness, and importantly have happy kids!

Here are ways I can support you:

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