When you’re happy you make the most of life. This is why it’s so important that parents and children prioritise their happiness.

Today’s children are increasingly dealing with feelings of unhappiness, such as anxiety, stress, fear, self doubt, and anger, These feelings get in the way of their enjoying life like they should. It’s not just the children, parents face more and more of these overwhelming emotions too. Dealing with your own distress distracts from being free to be the parent you want to be.

Here is a place for parents and children to understand their emotions and realise the responsibility of their happiness is theirs. This discovery is revolutionary it’s reclaiming the power of your feelings instead of waiting or hoping for someone else to make you feel good. This is a gift that I hope for all children, parents, and families. Can you imagine a world where people live from a place of happiness and love instead of fear.


Be a Super Mum

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