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This is us, my happiness. These brilliant people make life interesting, challenging and of course wonderful!

I am hopeless at computers but I battle with my laptop because I believe in this site. I am mom to four amazing and wonderful children ages between 1 and 16. I am also wife to my supportive and loving husband who can sometimes count as another child ha ha.


Being a mum can bring its challenges and there are times us mums can feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I know I’m the best mum I can be when I’m happy. I really think that happiness is the key to, well more happiness. I want to share what I have learnt so far on my parenting journey about the importance of prioritising happiness now. How to be a more joyful mum and how beliefs come into play affecting our ability to be happier and  the best mum we can be.

The gift of being mum

I just wanted to add that being a mum is the most amazing gift I could ever imagine. As time goes by and I have to make my mum decisions, I realise that being a mum has also given me the gift of being able to appreciate my parents a whole lot more.

I can now see things not only from my child memory but from a parental perspective too. This was such an unexpected gift so I want to take this opportunity to say “thanks Mom, thanks Dad, for your love, help, and laughs”.




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Unhappiness is learnt

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