Family Happiness Habit

It’s easy as moms with all we have to achieve in a day to become overwhelmed. In the face of so much to do we can find it difficult to move forward with even one task. With anything we do we think of the rest of the things that aren’t being done. I.e. We play with the kids and feel bad for the household jobs that are clearly awaiting, then when we do the house we feel the pang of guilt for not being with the children.
Overwhelm can serve to freeze us and that isn’t helpful to any of us.

By being present and keeping your focus to the thing your doing now you can achieve so much more. You can feel so much better and you’ll be doing each task better and probably faster.

It’s a myth that us ladies are great at multitasking, even if it’s doable it doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I think the best way to move forward is to give our full attention to the thing we have decided to do in the now.

So if we are playing with our beautiful children we are fully there with them. Sharing the experience, soaking in their little personalities and giving them the best of us. We are fun when we are present with them and we will have much more fun too.

If we are playing but looking at our phone or thinking of the housework we are not truly present with them. We miss a lot of the interaction and our children miss us. They get a lesser version of us and we all deserve more than that. Have you tried having a chat with someone while they are busy with a phone or something else? Not half as fun as real chat.

A lot of the negative feelings we feel are actually our feelings about the past or future so staying in the present can be freeing. Have you ever noticed that’s something children do? They don’t worry about things like we do and that’s because they haven’t learnt to do that yet. They stay in the present mostly and that’s one of their keys to happiness!

A consequence of keeping your focus on the now is that you will get more out of life. If you focus on play it will be more fun, if you focus on one job at a time it will get done. If you focus on what you eat when you eat it will renew your experience!

As this is a happiness habit to work on for this month instead of saying focus on every thing all the time pick one daily activity or time of day when you are able to really give your full attention.


This is a family friendly habit so please introduce the concept to your children. Maybe have a set playtime when you put away your phone turn off any distractions. Maybe you could all practice focusing while you share a meal and take time to describe your experience and sensations.

As I have recently began home educating my son I think this is a very important thing to keep in mind. It allows me to let go of all my ‘shoulds’ so I can give each new task my best. That’s what I hope to do as a parent so it’s good to have a reminder sometimes.

I hope you have a lovely month, let me know if you are having a go this month with me. Also feel free to email me for the free parenting with the power of beliefs course.