Working with parents to co-create beliefs that fuel happiness.

When your child has anxiety it can affect their life and yours. It is hard seeing your little one dealing with such emotions that limit their ability to live, be carefree, and happy. You do your best and it can seem that nothing makes it better. It’s lonely and self doubt sets in, you begin to doubt your parenting ability. I’ve been there and I’m here to help. I specialise in childhood anxiety. 

I am here to be a guide for you and your child to make the transition from being held back and weighed down, to becoming empowered by your emotions! To go from being a victim of how you’ve been made to feel, to taking back the power and responsibility for your own happiness from now on. This is what Believeability is all about, its something we are born with. Then as we grow older we learn other ways of being, and this ability slowly gets forgotten.

Its just like the story of the old circus elephant. People who would go to see the shows often wondered why those huge powerful animals would stay in the place that didn’t treat them right, why didn’t they escape and roam free. You see all that was holding them stuck there was a small chain around their foot that was held by a stake in the ground. Any elephant could have easily tugged it out and had back their freedom!

As a baby elephant she is shackled by the same chain around her foot. She watches her mom who also has these shackles and sees she is powerless. She tries to walk away, tries tugging her leg even through the pain. Each day she fights for her freedom over and over but finds that the chain is just too strong. Until finally she accepts that there is no way to be free. She gives in and never tries again.

After years  of being restricted, she grows to a size where it would be nothing to her to just break free. Yet she spends the rest of her life imprisoned not because of the chain, but by her belief in its ability to keep her, and her lack of belief in her own ability and power.  

The beliefs you take on when you’re young aren’t always useful, or sometimes they are, for that age. Yet most people don’t think to question their beliefs. Which means that they are still living with the beliefs they took on from age 3-7! No wonder there’s struggle and overwhelming emotions, imagine running your life by asking a 5 year old to make your decisions for you.

You don’t have to be imprisoned by limiting beliefs any longer. I believe in your ability to be happy no matter what is going on in your life.

I’m so happy you’re here. I understand; I have four kids, we’re together 24/7. I have faced every challenge under the sun and I have so much heart and compassion for parents who are eager to have a more calm and happy home.  I’d love you to download this free guide because I know it can start to help you from today. Download it here for free.
As a mum of four I’ve been on my own journey. I have studied the Option Method and emotions for years. I found the effectiveness of EFT and Reiki.  I am certified at Mindscaping, and continuing to learn more about hypnosis and resource therapy.
Benefiting from the changes I’ve implemented in my family life and seeing how clients I’ve worked with  have made changes to their quality of life as a family. There is nothing I’m more passionate about than helping you to bring about that change. I would love for you to feel emotional freedom as a parent, and parent from that place of power with ease and joy. To remind children of the power they already have to be happy and enjoy life.

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