3 Easy ways you can automatically and naturally empower your child today!

Do you ever worry about your child’s struggles?

Are there times where you wonder if you’ve done enough?

Do you believe empowering your child is an important part of parenting?

There are so many aspects to parenting, we all know its not just keeping your child alive. Its so much more than that! If I offered, you three easy ways to boost your child’s sense of empowerment what would you say?

If I share these ways that are free, quick, and simple, you know what? They will make all the difference but only if they are applied. So, this is for you, if you’re ready and willing to make a difference! To put in the effort that it takes to remember to do this. If not, then this email isn’t for you yet, but it will be here when your ready.

If you want to see wonderful changes that can happen then go ahead, read on, use these every day, be consistent!

#1. Show them how to change their state.

Ever feel like your mood has a hold on you? That is because of your state. One of the best ways to free yourself from this, to empower yourself for change by breaking out of that state into a more empowering one. Here’s how….

Now just because it’s simple doesn’t mean its not an amazing tool I’m giving you here, try it out yourself and you will find it is awesome! Stand in a winner pose, like how you would stand if the kids found a great talent for, and love of housework. How great would you feel? Now stand to match that feeling.

The thing is you don’t need to have that feeling first so when your little one could do with a personal boost get them in this winning pose. Stay for at least 2 minutes and the changes will happen. It doesn’t need any belief. This is such a useful tool for your children, to really empower themselves as they grow. Are they nervous about going back to school or a new place? This will help, teach them so they can use it themselves.

This is the happiness habit on the website LINK

#2. Listen to them.

Listening to them, asking their opinions. It can be very validating to anyone, especially your child. To them you are everything. Even as they get older your listening to them is very empowering to them. In a world where its easy to get busy with so many other things, the never-ending housework, other work, planning fun times. It can all become one big distraction from the here and now. From little requests, and giving that few moments to simply listen it will make all of the difference to them even if it doesn’t take much more of your time.

If this is something you are ready to do, give more attention listen more, then go all in! Which means stop when you can to put down things and turn to face them as they talk. Imagine that they are the most important person in the whole world for that time. I know it may seem a little too simple, but this will be huge.

#3. Give them the words.

Have you ever felt a way that you just couldn’t describe? And when you tried to tell people they didn’t understand? Its important that children are given the words to name and gain understanding over their feelings. It is something that gets missed time and time again and it has a limiting effect. By easily and naturally increasing their emotional vocabulary you will be inadvertently strengthening that connection between you. As if talking about emotions with them now, builds a bridge that will be easier to walk for the future.

I hope you will enjoy doing these three things more and more at home. Let me know about the changes you see!