A Lesson from my Daughter

We all need a reminder about beliefs  sometimes and we can help our children with helpful hints, during their emotional and happy times. Yet today it was me who needed a reminder. Sure I had told myself I was choosing my stink thinking and I still decided to bear that feeling, the gloom inside. I had carried it for a full day and a half. I was cross at myself for choosing it which meant I felt it even stronger.

So much so that I began to share it with others- mainly my children and my husband. This was another source annoyance to me, I didn’t want to be snappy to them but I clung to my gloom.   Today I had decided to be more positive so I ignored my gloom feelings inside. I was nicer with my kids and things went smoothly. Did I feel better? No, I knew my gloom was still lurking and I was still cross at myself and would be until I addressed it.

We had made it to park the car by school and everyone was happy and ready for their day. I turned to my son and my gloom grabbed me! It grew and laughed at me from within. “Where are your glasses?” I asked him. Without a care he said “i forgotted them.”   Usually this is not my favourite situation. He needs his glasses so I judge myself if he doesn’t wear them. This week I have been helping him with remembering his morning items, so today I couldn’t believe it.

“Right were going to be late because we’ve got to go home and get them.” I used a stern voice and added to my feelings with martyrdom. B said “its only 5 minutes”. This did not help the situation so I continued to drive while filling myself with uncomfortable anger. B said “look on the bright side” in such a sweet voice. “You can choose to be angry or to be happy” she continued. In that second I let it go. I let go of it all and embraced that moment.

What an amazing moment it was. My daughter was reminding me. In that special moment I was so grateful for her and her growing understanding about beliefs and feelings, nothing else mattered. You know as I drove back to the school I realised that by holding my gloom I had missed all the beauty of the day and maybe even of my children. The sun was shining, the sky was blue. These things I am grateful for, but had missed on the drive back for the glasses. Now I could see and delight in how amazing my children are again. We even got the same parking space, talk about a good day!

Thank you B for your loving reminder. You gave me the opportunity to see wonder again and let go of misery.

Children do what they learn from us, what are your children learning? What is something you do that you see your children do too?

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