Hi, I'm Lisa

I am passionate about emotional empowerment for children. Which I provide in different ways, mainly 121 coaching and group courses. Emotional Empowerment to

  • Break free from limits, 
  • Realise their own role in how they feel.
Being a parent can bring its challenges and there may be times that feel overwhelming or frustrating. As a child’s first and main teacher is their parent I work alongside parents with their emotions, and towards helping their child.

Anxiety specialist

I know the effect anxiety can have on childhood, from experience, and again as a parent. In the eyes of my child. Yet those fears, and emotions arent battles to be won, more opportunities to learn about ourselves our capability. 

I once heard a story about the true power of happiness. That there were some who didn’t want humans to discover it. They thought about putting it on the highest mountains, but knew that humans would explore and climb, and it would be found. They thought about putting it in the deepest oceans and again they knew with time the humans would find a way to get there and find it. They nearly put in in the clouds but thought even there it wouldn’t be safe the humans would  one day think up ways to fly and find it. Then came the bright idea, we’ll put it inside them they will never look there. 

It’s no joke when these feelings get in the way of life. Barriers go up and life is restricted. Naturally you want to help your child feel better, live happier. 

I can guide them to a place of immense power and freedom. A place they’ve yet to explore, where they can discover the power within. 

This is us, my happiness. These brilliant people make life interesting, challenging and of course wonderful.

I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch, please email me.