Ten daily habits of a super mum

1. Set the intention for a good day.

You can do this with your children as its a good habit for them to form too. Just sit in front of a mirror and say something positive about the day ahead. Tell the kids what a wonderful day it is or will be. I usually say “another day in heaven”.

2. Get ready for the day.

It may be tempting when you’ve not slept well or your not planning on seeing people that day, to just stay in your comfy clothes and leave the shower. This often leads to a day feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. In my case it will usually include me ‘popping’ to a shop and bumping into many people who I usually wouldn’t see there. Typical. Help yourself even when you don’t feel like it get up and ready for the day. Your setting yourself up to feel better.

3. Do that thing.

You know that thing that you have to do but would like to put off a little longer. Go do it start it and you’ll be surprised how fast it can be done. Once it’s done it’s out of the way. P.S just a side note acknowledge that you do want to do it. You may not enjoy the action and just want it done but if your going to do it it’s because you want to.


4. You time.

It’s been said over and over that a mother can’t be her best to look after others until she has taken care of herself.
What use are you when your rundown? Not as much as when your feeling great.
It’s also been said by a lot of mothers that they don’t get the time.
Treating yourself doesn’t have to take long it doesn’t have to cost anything. Something as simple as giving yourself time for some focuses slow breaths is a gift for the body and mind.
You can get creative, get up earlier to have a quiet read or do some excercise. Indulge in meditation while your little one naps. Schedule yourself something fun what is fun to you?

5. Always show your love when it comes to goodbyes.

No matter the morning you’ve had or the moaning they’ve done. Always let your little people remember the last time they saw you with a smile. This is a gift for you as much as them.


6. Keep perspective.

It may seem that things happen one after the other. There may be times that are harder especially if your not getting enough sleep. It’s easy to let these times grind us to a halt but it’s also easy to feel better when you remind yourself of the bigger picture.
That these years will pass so fast, quicker than we ever expected, and however things are now we will look back with a fondness. What matters so much in this moment probably won’t be an issue this time next year.


7. Connect with people.

However magical it is having a small child it can be easy to become isolated. When you find yourself singing children’s songs all day it’s time to get some grownup company.
Work on your relationships not just with your partner and children but also work colleagues or other mamas.
It’s refreshing to talk to others even if all you talk about is babies or children.


8. Be Kind.

It’s easy so easy for us mothers to be critical of what we do. We are watching our actions and many times criticising them. We are kind to other people and loving to our children now we must extend that love to ourself.
Right now you are doing your best just as all of us are. So right now be happy with that! There may be things you’d like to change about how you parent maybe react calmly instead of shouting? It doesn’t mean you don’t try to change, it means you don’t make yourself miserable while you do that.


9. Gratitude.

This raises happiness! It’s great to look at your beautiful child and note all the little things you admire and are grateful about them.To often we get caught up in the rush of day to day activity and life can niggle us here and there but when we stop to look at our little one (whatever their age) we can be grateful. Gratitude is happiness!
This is another process you can do with your children, ask them about the best part of their day and discuss yours with them over dinner.


10. Get a good sleep.

As best as you can if you have a baby. Don’t get caught up in TV, set yourself a time when the lights go off. You’ll notice a difference in energy levels.

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