The ultimate super mum power

O.k this isn’t really a super power, as in it’s a power all us humans are born with, but it is the KEY TO HAPPINESS! Even though we are all born able to utilise this power it is something that many of us forget as we grow.

The power of beliefs!
Thinking is feeling!

What we think ultimately leads to how we feel and act. As opposed to things making us feel or behave certain ways. It isn’t outside of us that controls us, how could it be? No we’ve always had that control and we still do!

Things happen as a mum and we may feel they have caused us to be upset, angry, or happy, but nothing outside of us can control what we feel.

It is what we think about what has happened that causes our feelings and actions. Otherwise we would all have the same feelings and actions as each other. That doesn’t happen, if we see a mum with a loud screaming child in a supermarket we don’t all respond in the same way.

Some look at our child with relief it’s not us today. Some look in sympathy at the mum. Some don’t acknowledge the situation so don’t feel strongly either way. Some tut and shake their heads with judgment.

We act in different ways because we’re not acting from the thing we see, we’re acting from our thoughts about what we see. Our thoughts about whether it is good or bad. This applies to anything we see hear or think about at the time.

If we think something is bad we feel accordingly. When we see our kids happy that isn’t what makes us smile and warm inside. It’s the thought of how nice it is to see them happy that causes our reaction.

When we get angry with our kids or ourself- it’s down to a thought we have. Whether we are registering it in that moment or not it’s there, and sure enough is causing unpleasant restricting feelings.

When we doubt ourself as mums- it’s down to a thought we have.
When we are overwhelmed- there’s a belief in there you may not have thought in a long time but at some point you took on a belief that has this affect on you.

When you feel sad when you feel scared, worried, like you can’t go on. All of this stems from beliefs/ thoughts you have at that time.

Happiness doesn’t take thought just the ability to let go of unhappy beliefs and thoughts. To let your natural happy state shine through.

Many of the beliefs we have we may not have ever questioned their validity if they came from people we respect. Now we’ve reached the stage in life where we’re mothers and we are still

working our emotions with those beliefs that we accepted as children.

If you are feeling unwanted feelings that have a negative impact not just on you but your families then you CAN change. You can change the feelings you can change it all. Beliefs are the key!

When you find yourself dealing with unwanted emotions then remember your feelings are caused by your own thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself what it is your thinking about the situation.

Do you still want to hold that belief or can you change your perception to help change your feelings.

We don’t simply loose our abilities to use and recognise our beliefs and choose ones that point us to happiness. No we just somehow forget about it, it still there and you can learn to grow this amazing super power again.

Did you sign up for the parenting with the power of beliefs course yet? This will give a great foundation from which to begin to use your own power of your beliefs, to create your own happines for yourself.

Beliefs are such a powerful thing so much so that if you believe that you can’t do something or are no good then that is what you make true. Many beliefs you hold are limiting and if you could just step outside of those beliefs you could do so much more than you know.

You are an amazing mother if your beliefs are keeping you from being a happy mum you can do something about it. You can love being a mum again, you can be grateful for your child again, you can be happy again.

If you want a happy home, happy children then it all begins with you. You help yourself get happier first then your happiness will energise your family and set a new tone. It all begins with you.

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