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Currently the Emotional Awereness course is running for 5 weeks. More will be coming soon. If you prefer I can work with you and your family on issues that concern you with a tailor made course.

Emotional Awareness 5 week course

Next Course: TBC

Ideal for parents and children aged around 7-11yrs. Siblings are welcome, I’ll bring some toys along. It will be especially helpful to support with handling and processing emotions successfully.

There will be squash available and home made biscuits on sale.

The course includes learning through discussion, activities, and crafts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Emotion Coaching

What is emotion coaching?

Providing emotional empowerment to children and parents is what I do. Coaching sessions are one way to help your child break past the barriers of limiting beliefs, and find their own sense of empowerment. A coaching session is focused specifically on the needs of your child or you, and achieving the changes they want, using a range of skills. 

Each emotion coaching session offers a safe and understanding envirinment whether its online or in person. It is not a place where we just talk over problems, I focus on solutions. I see it as if there is a maze that’s surrounding your child, no wonder they feel stuck! They feel scared and alone and want to get out, but don’t know the way, yet. They don’t need someone to break all the walls and carry them out like a victim. that only perpetrates the idea of helplessness and being dependent on someone else to feel good. Instead of riding in on a noble steed I meet them where they are and offer a friendly hand. I am the guide, here to spread light with my torch and will walk with you, showing you the way.

Why do some children have an emotion coach?

Parents and children come to me for a variety of reasons. Yet it all boils down to the fact that certain emotions are getting in the way of enjoying life. Limiting abilities to function and ruining parts of life that are to be enjoyed, I specialise in helping children with feelings of anxiety. I work with some children to discover and develop their positive resources such as self belief, self confidence inner strength etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I DON’T want to discuss details can you still help me?

Of course, we can work together in a content free way that still offers opportunity for change. 

How many sessions will I need? 

The amount of sessions is as individual as each session. Some may feel that the amount of change achieved in just one session has met their needs for a happier life. Others prefer to work alongside me for more sessions in which you can receive accountability and build resources upon previous sessions. Gaining knowlewdge and understanding. 

How much is a session? 

Each one hour session is £60.

A block booking of four sessions is only £200.

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