sevices for children

I help children who’s feelings are getting in the way of life for example angry outburts, withdrawing from things they would usually find fun, avoiding certain situations, interrupted sleep, even hurting themselves or others, to understand how feelings work. How they can control them and that it’s in their power no one else’s, so that they can be aware of their ability to decide on how they feel. Know that nothing is wrong with them and understand and love themselves. Leading them to have better relationships with friends, siblings and you. Being able to handle anything that happens from a foundation of happiness. I do this through one to one sessions which are different to other coaches because I use the power of imagination and work with them until their goal is met. 


“As many as 8 – 11% of children and adolescents suffer from an anxiety that affects their ability to get on with their lives” according to the Mental Health Foundation. Severe anxiety  can harm children’s mental and emotional wellbeing, affecting their self-esteem and confidence. They may become withdrawn and go to great lengths to avoid things or situations that make them feel anxious.


unwelcome habits

Has your child developed a habit? An unwanted behaviour that they can’t seem to stop, no matter how many times you tell them and remind them? We all develop habits but when children outgrow behaviours it is difficult to change through will-power alone and getting repeatedly reminded when it seems automatic can become upsetting.  Maybe it’s becoming socially awkward for them for example with thumb sucking. Is it stopping them do fun things like  sleep overs because of bed wetting?  Can you imagine the relief they will feel when they are free from that habit for good.


healthy mindset

This is not a weight loss program, it is a way for your child to develop a healthy relationship with food. Children can develop certain beliefs or habits around food which can lead to unhealthy ways. This package will identify limiting beliefs, change habits and make food a thing to enjoy when their body is ready to eat. 


fear or phobia

Does a certain fear or phobia keep effecting your child? Does it get in the way of their living life for example fear of balloons stopping them enjoy parties. Phobias are more common than you may think. Most fears/phobias begin in childhood. It can end there too, why wait! 



Improved performance

Does your child have a skill or ability they would love to improve? Increased focus for an upcoming test, better performance in sport? More motivation?


services for Parents

I help parents who are having a hard time maybe feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or anxious, to completely change how they feel so they can feel great again which means they will be better at all they do, including being the best parent they can be! I do this through one to one sessions that unlike other coaching sessions use the power of imagination and include working with the whole mind.

Due to Covid restrictions all services are online over zoom. 

overwhelm to motivation

It’s no joke having one hundred things on your to do list when all you want to do is hide under your blanket. Moms have things that need doing, things that need thinking about, things that need planning, things that need making…. and things have a way of piling up. If you find yourself shrinking at the thought of all you have to do and putting off the whole lot with one more look at a screen or cup of tea or sweet. Don’t feel bad, it will pass. If you can’t wait for it to happen naturally and want to find out ways to help yourself out of this position and to become Mrs motivated, then this is the package for you. 


Anxiety / stress

Excessive fear and anxiety negatively impacts your day to day functioning, and parenting. Anxiety manifests in different ways and can even effect your physical health. In addition children can learn the  anxious behaviours in their environment. If you’re ready to be rid of those heavy feelings and enjoy life so much more this package is for you. It is also said that parents who change their own behaviour and model effective coping skills actively help reduce their child’s anxiety. (Remedy Health Media)

Imagine what your life will be like when you’re anxiety free, how will things change, how will you feel when you know exactly how to deal with any future anxieties.




By the time you reach over 35 years old 95%of what you do is habitual. It works, until a habit or addiction becomes problematic. When will power alone won’t do it, you need the extra help for the change you want. 

Move past unhelpful habits or addictions. 



healthy eating mindset

Why focus on losing weight or this diet or that? If your here, I’m guessing you know that diets don’t work. With this package you will change your whole outlook on your eating experience, how you think and feel about food and what you actually want to put into your body. No food will be labelled bad. You will regain your control over making healthy choices, and actually enjoy it. While noticing how healthy you can feel again. 


Fear or phobia

Do you have a certain fear or phobia that seems to control your life? Is it something you wish to be free of for once and for all? Some people are embarrassed but there is no need, people develop fears and phobias as a way to take care of themself, yet when it becomes more of a pain than a help it can be changed.  

Freedom of a fear or phobia £500

Maximum of 5 sessions. If given tasks it is required they be completed. 

improved performance

Want to be on form for an upcoming interview? Would you like to be so much better at talking in front of groups? Do you wish you could improve the way how you do in your chosen sport or lesson? Would you just love to increase your confidence? This is the package for you.