Emotion Coaching

There are growing numbers of families with children who are dealing with difficult emotions. This negatively impacts on their lives, and that of family members, in many ways.

Emotion coaching can greatly help these children to understand how their emotions work and to help them identify limiting beliefs that lead to their unhappiness. It will empower them to take ownership of their emotions and become more able to regulate themselves.

Emotion coaching is not solely for the children in the family. Parents also deal with unwanted emotions which can get in the way of being the parent you want to be. It can be very difficult to be helpful to an unhappy/struggling child when you, yourself are dealing with your own unhappy emotions.

Emotion coaching is a way to take back your power, to let go of your guilt, anger, frustration, or fear.

What can I expect from an Emotions Coach? 

You will be met with confidential and nonjudgmental support. The first appointment will be to discuss where you are now.

Emotion coaching is a different experience for everyone and what happens in sessions will depend on what you want to get out of it and the unique needs of your family.

How can Emotion Coaching help me? 

If your having problems as a family, Emotions play a big part. Emotion coaching can help you let go of unwanted feelings that distract and weigh you down. Leading you to regain control over how you feel.

Emotion coaching can help parents who feel overwhelmed, who feel guilty, who question their every move. Parents who are living with fear or any other name for unhappy emotions.

Children dealing with anxiety, stress, self doubt, loneliness or other emotions that get in the way of them enjoying life, will also benefit by learning more about what’s happening emotionally, why and how to change it for themselves.

Every situation is different just as every child and person is, this isn’t one size fits all I offer a variety of skills tailored to the situation at hand.