Be a Super Mum!

Be a Super mum!

If you are wanting to be a happier, better, super, mum then get ready to play and have fun. Yes let’s be silly let’s imagine our pants on the outside. Let’s see ourselves as brilliant for a change. Why not smile and get back to enjoying our time being a mum.


I have added the next few pages pages because I know they will be helpful on your path to increased happiness. These small changes will make a difference not only to you but wait and see! When you feel happier it shows in ways you wouldn’t think of. Your family will notice and the happiness will spread.

Like all supers you already have your powers but they may be a little rusty if they’ve not been used. Don’t worry you can acquire all the skills you need but it may take practice!

Any questions feel free to contact me. Good luck.

secret powers of a super mum


This is essential for all supermums, it is a powerful tool.  When you clasp your gem of self trust it can empower you in even the most difficult of situations. If you are facing new parental territory like we all do, (it can become regular as they keep changing so does the parenting game). You can’t go wrong if you have your self trust powered high. It helps you think clearly and to believe in your own parenting ability and judgment.

It’s much more effective with practise. It is also more fun if you pick yourself a nice stone and even paint it make it your special gem. Having this to keep in your purse as a physical reminder. Take time to visualise this gem of self trust, feel it’s power grow realise it’s power is your power.



This is an incredible ability and like all abilities needs working on to really it’s power. This is the big one, once you are able to see your thinking and how that affects your feelings. You will always be able to choose the happier perception, and guess what you get… A happier Mama. This is the fast track to being a super mum.


This is a gift when used, a gift to our child and to ourselves. This special vision doesn’t see through walls but it can see past our children’s actions and outbursts to see what is really going on.

Whether you little one is a baby or a teenager this is always useful. There will be times they feel or actually are unable to communicate what they are dealing with. This can lead to their showing it through their behaviour.

At first glance it could seem reasonable to get annoyed with them or reprimand them in some way, but once you can see past it you are more able to be available and open to them.

Asking why they behave the way they do is an amazing thing to do, when you are asking to hear the answer. Not when you ask as a judgment. It can bridge a closeness between you as they feel understood. Also you save yourself the guilt of judging to quickly.


You may think there’s nothing super or magical about deep breaths but actually this is a great thing to do in almost any situation. Give it a go now three big slow breaths.



Every super has a nemesis, what could there  possibly be to oppose a mum doing her best? NEGATIVITY! It can strike seemingly from nowhere and if allowed will take hold and weigh you down. It can totally change your day to gloomy. It can even change you from a happy mum AKA super mum to a snappy scary cross mum.

When something bugs you, that’s negativity. You can let it hang around it could easily set you on to a downward spiral of bad feelings, or like any super you can face it. The difference being is that you can’t fight negativity there needs to be no combat. You will more easily overcome this ‘baddie’ with love and by letting go.


Remember the most important power is choosing our thoughts that will lead to our feelings. Well this is an opportunity to practise that. You can decide against having it stay with you all day. Allow yourself the chance to enjoy the day anyway.

You can decide against having it stay with you all day. Allow yourself the chance to enjoy the day anyway. Take a moment to breath and visualise the dark cloud of how your feeling. Then let it go, with each breath out the cloud will disperse.


Every super mum has a super shield. Ours is very useful when we are offered or bombarded with unhelpful words. Be it unwanted advice or judgements the words can roll off it or be rebounded away.

This saves you from having to internalise them and spend time on them. It prevents your self doubt creeping in because you know you got this mama.


This is an important super mum tool so you can spend your time on things that are much more worth while.

Just for fun because us happy mums have fun, take some time to imagine what your shield is like. Is it a special shape or design? Is it like a force field? Imagine words bouncing off it as it filters them.

Try it out next time you have negativty headed for you, see it bounce away and carry on with your lovely day. P.S this includes the negative words you may hear in your head.