My child worries a lot, what good is meditation?

Is your child growing increasingly anxious or do they repeatedly become worried at certain times? This is something many children are going through at this time. No wonder, right? If it isn’t Covid 19 itself, or the changes to their usual life, or a move to another school or class, then it could just as easily be something they’ve seen on tv that has spiked their anxiety. I know you want to help your child and make it all better but that’s not what were about here.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a way to give them a tool to be able to take with them, so they are equipped not just when their home and mom or dad can hold their hand but as they grow and venture into the world without you. Meditation is that tool, something they will use to bring themselves calm when they feel their heart begin to race, to settle their nerves as they face new situations and best of all no one else will know.

Meditation isn’t all sitting cross legged and saying “Ommm”. It is so much more than that and it will increasingly benefit your anxious child. Each day will improve on the last and your child will develop skills to manage their feelings. Find ways to take what they learn during meditation and use it during daily life. It isn’t a quick fix, yet it is an important skill that will be useful throughout life. Even if your child isn’t anxious or worried, meditation offers many benefits.  Here are a few of them.

  • Enhanced focus

Have you noticed the change from the amount of time children used to spend outside ‘adventuring’ to the amount now who would gladly stay in all day to play video games, watch tv etc. They are being bombarded with excessive stimulation and distraction. They will watch something, while they eat, while they talk, while they walk. This is affecting their ability to focus, and I mean really focus. This will lead to their education, as well as other things being affected. Meditation is a great way to relax the mind, refocus the mind and empower children with skills to focus their attention where they choose. While becoming more aware of their thoughts and of when they become distracted.  


  • Calming intrusive thoughts

Meditation is a way to step away from the overactive mind, overthinking problems, things that have happened, things that may or may not ever happen. The same few thoughts speedily swirling around your head ultimately creating the same negative feelings with no real resolution. Have you ever had this happen when your trying to fall asleep?  Meditation builds the skill of moving out of that thought pattern and into a deeper state of calm. Comfortably and easily letting go of unwanted unhelpful thoughts. Which leaves the peacefulness of each moment, each breath, each heartbeat.  


  • Promotes emotional health

Awareness of the importance of mental health is increasing, for people of all ages even very young. Some forms of meditation can reduce stress and improve depression. Creating a more positive outlook on life. Research shows that maintaining an ongoing habit of meditation may help you maintain these benefits long term.

                  Meditation is a wonderful habit to develop

It’s something you can do with your child in as little as 5 minutes a day to begin with. It can be practised anywhere and is a useful tool. It is something you can do to improve their mental and emotional health. There are many different ways to meditate so I’m sure you’ll find one that suits your child. You could even set a goal to practise a set number of days in a week. This is something you can do with them that takes no money yet with imagination you could go anywhere.

                                                         Join Me

If you’d like to begin meditating with your child but don’t know where to start then I have a few options, you can look at my YouTube channel it has guided meditations on aimed at but not limited to junior school age. Alternatively, your invited to join me live each morning from 9.30 am weekdays where I lead a meditation over zoom. If your interested contact me via contact page and I’ll send you the link.  

Happy Meditating!