What do you THINK about meditation?

I want to share a story about how meditation can change a life.

The story goes that there was a little girl, who went to visit her grandparents. The grandad didn’t talk much but he dearly loved his family and when he did speak it was worth hearing. One day he took his granddaughter to see the horses in the field just a walk away from the house. As they stood at the fence in the warm sunlight staring out towards the magnificent and elegant horses, he began telling the little girl about two horses he had heard of long long ago.

Both horses are indeed strong and beautiful, and these magical mystical creatures would battle each day. You see one was a graceful horse of love, playfully spreading happiness, and wonder in its trail. The other was just the opposite, and its hoofprints wilted the ground as it recklessly left furiously destructive trails behind it.. Each day the same fierce battle, wilfully clashing,  until one eventually victoriously earned the right to roam free while the other hid away not wanting to see the growing trails of their opponent.

The grandad paused for a while looking down at the little girl who was staring out, past the horses now, far away. He wondered if she was listening at all. She was waiting for the story to go on. She looked up and at his face and waited.

He told her that everyone had their own two horses doing their own battles every day. Raoming around them spreading loving or unhappy hoofprints on their heart. Only one wins and for some it’s the same one every day once it grows stronger and stronger.  He told her that she too has a pair of horses of her own.

Silence once again joined the pair as they stood at the fence. The horses had wandered closer now but it was as if the little girl didn’t even see them any more, she was so deep in thought. 

They stood for a while longer then just as the old man turned to begin home the little girl asked, “Grandad, which one of my horses will win?” She stared at his rough yet kind face, the old man smiled, he bent down to her and quietly answered “whichever one you feed.”

I love this story as it seems to me that meditation is ‘feeding your horse’ the happy peaceful horse of love. Just feeding that horse for about ten minutes a day blissfully develops an and impactful habit which means that the more you do it the more you become equipped with wonderfully useful skills to in any situation. skills to calmly, act with love, clarity and focus. It is especially a valuable practice for children of all ages.

Have you experienced the peacefulness of meditation?

Is it something you’d like your child to develop?