Everything is Awesome!

I love this song it is such a great way to show that perception has the power to lead to our feelings. Whether they be feeling blur or AWSOME!! Things happen and our opinion of it is crucial to how we feel. We can be annoyed or calm, depending on how we see things. The song shows how this works when you step in mud you could be happy about having new brown shoes.

This weekend we were at a family festival. The whole week before was so hot and as I packed I imagined all the sunny fun we would have. When we got there it rained on the first day, and then on the second. So I decided to use the rain as an opportunity to show my children that they can choose how to feel about things they cannot control. To show that perception was all. We walked back to the tent, all wet all cold.

I decided to model happiness and as I decided that I felt it bubbling inside. I told them what I was feeling happy about in that moment. This lead to a discussion about all the fun we had had and everyone picked up in spirits. By the time we arrived at the tent we were happy to be there and to get dry.

By day three we had used all our clothes because of the consistent rain, we had lost dinner due to the sudden rain and hail, we had missed the band we had really wanted to see. We had rain inside the tent, for some reason, I had to wear my water proof coat inside as well as out. It seemed worse inside because my book kept getting water splodges on. We had no alternative but to leave a day early.

There we were on our last day. After day upon day of rain, and little sleep, having a last walk around. We went to watch the show that we usually enjoy on the festival Sunday except this time they had decided not to do the funny show and instead just had a few games to watch. As everyone dispersed and we waited to see if that was all, they put on “everything is awesome” song in the background. We could have been moody, we could have been snappy, we could have just gone home with our tail between our legs. What did we do?

Me and B grabbed each other’s arms and danced (in a fashion). We laughed and jumped as the mud splattered all around. We had in that moment chosen joy and it was amazing. We celebrated that moment with all our focus and nothing else mattered. As we sang along my older daughter made her way away from us while uttering how silly we were. She clearly had her own perception of the moment.

We had a great time at the festival and the weather was part of it. We are home now and happy, to be home, to be clean, to be dry, to feel the carpet under our feet. Instead of a perception of what we may have missed out on today and tonight, we look around and are glad.

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