Family Happiness Habit

Wow how time flies now its time to say hello to September 2020!

This month’s happiness habit is something special to begin each day feeling just how you want to. Sneak it into your morning routine, you will be glad you did. Use it daily at any time, to get the feelings you want, to get in the zone, to decide on what state of mind will be useful to you. Of course this is just as useful and wonderfully empowering for your children. A new family tool.

Some of you may have children going back to school, and it all seems strange, stranger than the usual changes of class, teacher, or school, due to safety precautions and Covid 19. Even home educated children may be returning to their groups and activities about now, dealing with the changes.

You won’t believe that these simple, easy actions can help you empower yourself and have fun doing it. Remember its not always about the most complicated, most expensive, or newest thing. Often the biggest changes come from simple actions being done consistently.

This is something you can do anywhere, for free! You don’t need anything else and best of all this technique is so quick that it takes only seconds. It isn’t clear why what I’m going to share with you works so well but what’s important is that it does!

You can use this in many ways. To get yourself in any positive frame of mind to set yourself up for a great day. To get in the zone for learning and you can use it with your child to empower their good feelings, confidence, and happiness.

  • The first step is to check in with how you feel. Do this with honesty. If you only develop this part as a habit then you will have done your children a great service in building their awareness of their emotions and ability to name them.

             Ask yourself how am I feeling right now?

  • Secondly accept whatever way you feel. If you judge it, you feel bad about it which means feeling worse. So, become aware of and allow however you feel. It is an important message for our children to understand that any feeling is ok. When they grow to accept any feeling, they are less likely to hide emotions or to stuff them inside which can lead to bigger problems.

            A way to accept that feeling is to say I feel —- and that’s ok.

  • Next is to ask yourself how do I want to feel? The importance of this is to move focus towards what you want because focusing on something you don’t want keeps you stuck with it. You need something to aim for and the answer is needed for the next step.

            Trust yourself, sometimes you may want to feel amazingly happy but there may be times when you just want to feel ok and that                will be enough. Trust what you want and go with that.

  • Put one hand over your heart.
  • With your first two fingers of the other hand tap on the triple warmer point on the back of the hand.

            Where to tap? If you look at the back of your left hand, follow the gap between the small and ring finger about an inch in. Place                  your finger there you will feel the gap between two ligaments. That’s where to tap. Its called the triple warmer point 3. The more                often you do it the easier it will be to embody the emotions you want to have.

  • Speak as if you already feel the way you want to. Say things such as

            “I am in the zone!”

            “I am about to have a brilliant day!”

            “I believe in myself!”

            “I am feeling great!”

If you add this to your day you are going to love it!

Head over to the free resources page to download the action plan worksheet. By setting your intention to use this information to put it into action in a way that you can make work for you, you are setting yourself and your family up for a happiness habit win!

I’m here to support you! Let me know how you do with this.



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