If Mama ain’t happy

Here at Believeability I believe that when your a happy mum you’re the best mum you can be. Its logical really a happy person moves freely, is able to deal with things calmly and laugh. A happy mum is no different, when a mum is happy she is the best kind of mother she can possibly be. I’m not saying that she is perfect, who is?

That is why this site is dedicated to helping all mums to raise their happiness levels in different ways but mainly by becoming more aware our beliefs. Beliefs play a part in our ability to be happier and better mums. There are plenty of parenting websites out there that will tell you how to be looking after your children, The do’s and don’t s etc. But I believe that a happy home is more than following the latest parenting advice. A happy family starts with mum, after all ‘if mama aint happy, aint nobody happy’.

 Lets face it, being a mum can be challenging. We begin our parenting journey filled with hope and optimism for our new role and new baby. With time though our happiness gives way to worry, guilt, frustration. Confusion can cause us to question our every move. These feelings can overwhelm us and often we react to negativity with more negativity and stress, giving in to a downward spiral.

When even little things seem bigger and more annoying. Where we shout at our babies for things that are usually OK. We feel the frustration about how our children act and the burn of guilt for how we act, for not being a better mum the mum we want to be.

Anger, frustration, worry, guilt, all this negativity stays with us, weighs us down. It distracts us from being the best mum we can because we’re too focused on how we’re feeling. We end up feeling unable to do even the simplest of mummy tasks.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I want to show you that parenting can be fun again, being a mum is such an amazing gift. We can wake up and smile, we can have fun and we will be better mums for it. It may not all change over night but it can all change and it begins with you. Your the mum after all. Join me here and I’ll show you the small steps to make drastic changes in your life. A happier mum makes for a happier family.

Don’t wait for happiness, it doesn’t just happen. Start making it and spread it around. That’s what I want to do, join me and we can make our homes a happier place.