Our April Ambitions

Hi so now my baby is 15 months and her level of understanding is so amazing. I love having her in our family. She teaches us so much. Now I begin to think about teaching her. Up to now it’s been just modelling and she has learnt so much and she is always eager to learn more.

I have decided that unlike I had previously thought that I won’t actively be teaching her letters sounds etc with flash cards this is because she will learn this easily later. She has no need to know them now and wether she learns them early or at a later stage really has no bearing on her skills when it comes to age 9. Early or later learners of reading etc all come to a similar level.
What I have decided is important within our family is happiness. I know I can’t teach my baby to be happy, because she already is, it’s how she and all of us were born. But along the way many many have learnt about unhappiness and its uses. So in a way I want to provide an environment where we don’t model the unhappiness as being useful. Where unhappiness doesn’t move us to change our minds and where happiness is celebrated.

This month I will be doing activities and keeping up the subject of happiness and becoming aware of our own feelings. I think this is going to be fun! It seems a lot of ways my girl could learn negative beliefs about herself are by the way I act. Such as if I am accepting of her then she will move freely but if when I tell her ‘no’ which I still have to do to guide her and keep her safe, if I do that with judgment then she will be aware. She will get the message not just the spoken message ‘no’ but the true message, that is bad you are bad your acting wrongly.
So for me this month I am focusing on my moving from love. It is a great thing to do with all my children and I do most of the time.

Well let’s see how this goes I’ll probably keep the theme of our feelings with the older ones too, why not we can all grow from being aware of how we feel.

Have a lovely April

What would you like your children to learn if you could teach them anything? Let me know I’m interested to see what is important to you.

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